Tony Pollard worth enitre FAAB for Dynasty league?

In a PPR dynasty league, is it worth it to spend it all on Tony Pollard this week or what do you all think he is worth if Zeke is out?

Not all of it, but yeah in dynasty he should be rostered 100%. Do you have a super shallow rosters? Is there anything better on the wire? Are you a Zeke owner? Are you rebuilding or contending?

If he is out there, you probably should go get him.

The wire is really thin. I am not a Zeke owner. we have 30 man rosters 12 team league. I am contending but if Pollard were to hit, I could be the winner.

30 Man rosters?!

Oh yeah dude fire away as much as you need to spend to get Pollard. Great pick up.

i never blow every cent i have, especially when we really dont know the future of how this all goes down. for all we know zeke signs a nice fat, happy check for 5 years making pollard essentially useless. but i would put down a good chunk of change. if you can, my plan would be to put down 1 dollar more than the zeke owner. so hopefully he has already blown some money and is down around 50$ or something.

Pollard doesn’t belong on the waiver. Feel out your league and know how people spend. In most of my leagues, I’m using all my FAAB to make sure I secure them cause I know theres other big spenders.

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What round do you take him in if you haven’t drafted yet? What tier of RBs would you put him with (say as a starter and as a handcuff).

Are you talking dynasty or redraft? @crhempel

I was thinking redraft. I would take him higher in dynasty.

In redraft, I’m willing to take him as early as the 9th/10th round cause honestly, that range is all darts anyway. But to give you an idea of guys around, see below.

Guys going ahead of Pollard who I’d rather have: Ballage (8th round), Hunt (8th round), Jaylen Samuels (9th round), McCoy (9th round), ROJO (10th round), Hyde ( 11th round), AP (11th round), Mattison (12th round), Justice Hill (12th round), Darwin Thompson (12th round)

Guys in that range I’d take alongside / ahead of Pollard: Breida (11th round, best value in all of fantasy imo), Singletary, Peyton Barber, Damien Harris

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I’m not drafting Pollard in any redraft leagues.