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Too damned many RBs! Start/Sit


I’ve got way too many to use this week. I can only use 2 of these and need to decide before tonight’s game.
M. Gillislee
D. Martin
M. Lynch
T. Montgomery

To complicate things, I have a bid in on DeMarco Murray that won’t be processed until tomorrow morning. If I want to use Murray I can’t play both Martin and Gillislee tonight. But checking RB rankings, there is such a wide difference this week so I’m a little stumped.

What would you do?


Lynch + Gillislee - goaline work.

Martin 1st week back I want to see what happens

Mont. ribs



I plan to use Gillislee tonight and sit Martin. If I get DeMarco Murray, would you start him over Lynch? I am hoping for somewhat of a breakout for Lynch this week.