Too Early For Gronk?

So what do we think?

Is 2.10 or 3.01 good for Gronk? I know it is risky. I have the 1st pick in my draft so I am thinking about taking him in with my 2nd or 3rd pick (same thing really).

It is a PPR 10 man league. Standard ESPN Format.

Those are back to back picks so it doesn’t matter which you take him at. Just make sure to find a less risky RB/WR, but that depends on what you took first. Personally I wouldn’t take him there, if he fell to the 4th somehow, then yes.

Gronk is tough. He can be such a difference maker, especially in smaller leagues where he gives such a positional advantage but he’s an injury worry for me. If he plays and is healthy, he’ll pay off for the 3rd round price. I think sometimes you have to take the risk to reap the reward though.

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Well I do not believe he would fall that far because unfortunately we may have 1 or 2 guys end up auto drafting. I am about 95% sure I am taking Bell first pick. I know most people like DJ better but I like the Steeler’s offense better and I think Bell has a higher ceiling than DJ. DJ is all Arizona has so I believe defenses will scheme against that and slow him down compared to last year. With Brown and Bryant in Pittsburgh there is more opportunity for Bell. Not to mention he is in a contact year so he will want to blow up to proof he deserves top pay. And i just realized this conversation has turned more into a Bell vs DJ post. :sweat_smile: But Them point I am making is there is some risk with Bell. So you think the combined risk of Bell and Gronk is too much maybe??

On another note… in most of my mock drafts I did not like anyone more than Gronk at my 2nd & 3rd picks either so that is something to think about as well.

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You make a very good point. The past couple of years I feel like I have been too conservative and it has cost me fantasy championships. Being a natural, extremely conservative person I am, I want to be more of a risk taker. But like I stated above, taking 2 high risk players in my first 2 picks could be too much.

In a 10 team league he’s a difference maker. That’s about where I would feel comfortable with him.

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You make a great point. I agree. I have never been on board with Gronk because I am not a risk taker, but the numbers he was putting up before he got last year are impossible to ignore. Thanks for the feedback!!

I took him at 3.01 in my draft I think he is well worth it there. Huge upside.

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