Too early keeper question (just changed to a 2QB system)

Whats up footclan!

so i have a pretty hard choice coming up in my main league. we are a HPPR 10 man group, and we have 3 keepers. keepers are worth one more than the year you drafted them prior, and FAs get a 10th round starting point. we also just finished our voting for the year, and we switched to a 2QB system. which, makes my life a living hell. i won my championship #footclantitle this year and i sold out to do it. so i dont have my first 3 rounds of picks. and, i have a lot of really good players to keep and all except for 1 of them for really cheap. which, is where you guys come in! before my question of who to keep was really tough, but now i almost have to keep Drew Brees instead of one of the other guys. either way, here is the meat of the question:

3 man Keeper HPPR 2QB:

Austin Eckler 4th
Courtland Sutton 9th
AJ Brown 10th
DJ Chark 10th
Devin Singletary 10th
Drew Brees 14th

i also have 2 10th round picks, so i can keep any variation of these guys except for all 3 in the 10th.

So footclan, what do you think? who do i keep to defend my title?

So, are you saying that you traded your 2020 draft picks in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds so your first pick is in the 4th round? I’m not sure I understand. In a 2qb half ppr league, here is how I see the value return of these players:

D Brees in 14th
AJ Brown in 10th
DJ Chark in 10th
Austin Ekeler in 4th
Courtland Sutton in 9th
Devin Singletary in 10th

So, I’d keep Brees, AJ and DJ and then try to draft as many RBs as possible, one/two later round safe/boring PPR guy (Landry, Edelman, Crowder, Tate) etc, and an upside TE (Hurst, Smith). If you want to balance it out though, Ekeler is a nice value you in the 4th, especially in PPR.

I like AJ and DJ because they seem to be the clear WR1s on their teams and I like them and their situation a little more than Sutton. Ekeler is a great player but the situation is murky and his keeper value is least. Singletary showed a lot last year but it looks like he’ll be a yard-churning low TD guy and that hurts his ceiling a lot.

honestly, im not sure why i threw singletary in there. he has been out of my potential keepers ever since moss. but, i would love to dive deeper into something you mentioned.

so going into this, the 2 guys that havent left my keeper page since the season ended are sutton and brown. that 3rd spot has changed so much. i switch between chark and eckler for the 3rd guy at least hourly, and then it got even harder cause now i pretty much have to keep brees because the value of a top 10 to top 5 QB in a 2QB draft for a 14th is just too good. so now onto the question i mentioned…

why do you think Chark and Browns situation are better than sutton? sutton is also the clear 1 on his team, and no one has a clear edge at QB between the 3. so is this strictly, you just like them better, or is there more to it?

It’s mostly that I like Sutton the least out of the 3. There’s going to be a lot more competition for targets there and they’re still going to be a run and D type team (imo). Now, in Jacksonville, their defense sucks. They’re going to be garbage timing a lot. Chark had great chemistry with Minishew. I expect him to get more targets and opportunity. It’s a toss-up though, if you really like Sutton, roll with him