Too Early to drop Gallup?

Is it too early to drop Gallup?

With Ginn, Enunwa, and Allison on the waiver wire…I’m tempted. It’s a non-keeper league.

Drop gallup.

Ginn is not worth picking up.

I would grab Allison or Enunwa. Personally, I’m going Allison first then Enunwa

Yeah, I’m not very high on Ginn. I do like Gallup, but the Cowboys offense just scares me. If it was a dynasty, I’d hold onto him, but just not sure he’ll produce much this year.

I’m torn between Allison and Enunwa - both have their pros and cons.

Drop Gallup for Enunwa, give me a #1 WR and safety blanket for a rookie QB over an at best 3rd option and banged up QB, despite said QB’s heroics Sunday night. Not even close to me. (Especially even more so if it’s PPR, then it’s no question the add is Q)

I’ll take the WR3 in a rodgers led offense over the 1A WR in a Darnold led Jets any day of the week. GB uses the most 12 and 21 personel groupings in the league aside from Detroit so Allison is going to be on the field. He played in over 70% of the snaps on Sunday. And he is going to get single coverage most often and play vs the opposing teams worst cornerback as they will focus on Adams/Cobb. Rodgers is someone who spreads the ball around and always finds the open man. Allison is an easy WR3 for me in most leagues and formats. He’s basically James Jones. Rodgers made James Jones a WR1 in fantasy when he was opposite Jennings/Driver. Not saying Allison will be a WR1, but I think he has the low WR1/WR2 upside for sure.

Enunwa the guaranteed work in the slot and when Kearse comes back it opens up the offense even more for him. If it’s PPR it’s Enunwa and not even slightly close. Give me guaranteed work over a hope and a prayer any day.

You both make good points. It’s a half point PPR league. I can see the upside in both. I have Thielen, Cooper, Davis and Cole. So I feel like I could take a risk with the higher upside which is likely Allison…but it’s also nice to have a safety blanket type player if one of those top three don’t pan out.

You say guaranteed work. That’s based on what? One game? You’re expecting Kearse to “open up the offense”? You think kearse is more of a threat to defense than Adams and Cobb? That’s laughable. Nothing is guaranteed in fantasy. And it’s not even a guarantee that Quincy will be the WR1. Anderson could also eat into work going forward. Allison is a starting WR on a team led by the most productive fantasy QB who consistently puts up 4500 yards and 40 TDs. Do you expect darnold to come close to that in his first year? I don’t. Like I said GB runs 3 WR sets more than any team in the league. Allison is going to be on the field playing against the weakest coverage in the defense. Rodgers has shown year after year his ability to find the open man. James jones was the WR3 in Green Bay a few years ago but finished as a WR1 in fantasy cause he consistently faced the worst defensive coverage as Greg Jennings was the WR1. Ive seen this story play out before. So it’s not a “hope and prayer” as you’re suggesting. If anything, there’s more data to suggest Allison’s success than Quincy.

Personally I’m going after both and will be happy with whoever I get. Look I won’t argue with you for taking Quincy over Alison but to suggest is not even close shows you’re just being stubborn and not considering the facts.

Guaranteed work from when he was healthy and last nights game. Kearse will most definitely open up the offense for Q, if you don’t try to twist what I’m saying. Kearse will be on the outside along with Anderson, Q will be in the slot, facing a slot CB. Geronimo at the very best is a 3rd receiving option. If Graham ever gains a role in that offense and rapport, then he’s the 4th option. You’re basing your argument on one game. The Packers went out and drafted 2 WRs this past draft because…they’re totally confident in Geronimo? That seems logical… of course Rodgers is the best QB in the league. But if he goes down, again, see ya later all value to Allison. If Darnold goes down Q’s role is still fine with McCown. I wouldn’t mind either on my team as well. But it isn’t close on who should be prioritized when you’re talking about a #1 target in an offense, regardless of the offense, over a #3 (potential #4) target in an offense. Saying it’s close and that Allison should be prioritized shows you’re being stubborn and biased against one offense over another, and disregarding depth chart entirely.

You can have a discussion without attempting to insult, just as an FYI. And you can disagree without a sermon.

Obviously if Rodgers goes down, none of my arguments hold. He is completely useless. He is not even worth rostering. Everything I said is based on Rodgers starting.

Also, Jimmy Graham is an afterthought to me. He’s been a TD or bust guys for years now. He’s totally lost in the offense and it shows. he’s not even the 4th read. I’ve been off of him the entire season. Can you name me the last the TE in in GB that was even remotely usable as a fantasy asset? Was it Finley before he got injured? GB’s offense is ran through WRs, not TEs. They don’t scheme plays for TEs and Rodgers has never relied on a TE to get red zone production. I don’t see it changing just cause they signed a washed up TE. We’ve been through this story before with Cook, and then with Bennett.

Does anything GB does make sense? The only sensible thing they did was draft and pay Rodgers. Without Rodgers, they’d be the cleveland browns. That front office and entire organization is a joke. Does it make sense they drafted 3 WRs? Probably not. But does it mean Allison is not the guy this season? No. Rodgers trusts who he trusts. None of those Rookie receivers are even going to see the field.

And Allison is maybe the 3rd option, but could also be the 2B option to Cobbs 2A if I’m being honest. If we want to try and account for injuries, than if anything Cobb can easily go down and then he becomes the locked in #2 option. But I’m not accounting for injuries here. And without injuries, He is the 2B to Cobbs 2A. And I’ll take that that in a Rodgers offense for sure.

I am 100% biased for one offense vs another. I value a high octaine and high scoring offense over depth chart when it’s close. I apply the same logic between RBs. To find breakouts, i find RBs on high scoring offenses vs depth chart of low scoring ones. It’s part of the reason why I value Patriots RBs every single year and patriots backfields are one of the most productive backfields in fantasy and greatest values every single year. Packers receivers is the WR equivalent to the Patriots backfield. If Quincy was some proven elite WR1, obviously he would be the top guy no questions asked. But he’s not. He has is 1 year removed from an okay season (like 850 yards on 105 targets and 4 TDs) with a completely different QB (geno smith). How are you so sure that he is QB proof and will be McCown’s favorite guy? You don’t. McCown clearly had a connection with Robby Anderson last season. How do you know he doesn’t go to Robby Anderson as his top guy if Darnold goes down? I don’t have the same kind of confidence as you but there’s also question marks with Quincy.

I have no problems with anyone who wants to play it safer and get Enunwa first over Allison, but to suggest its not even close seems premature based on 1 game with a rookie QB against an absolutely garbage lions defense.

EDIT: Sorry if you feel insulted. Not the intent. Didn’t think stubborn is an insult. I myself am pretty stubborn a lot of the times.

EDIT #2: Fun fact, Enunwa’s comp on player profile is Flash. An interesting thought, maybe brings the gap closer for me just cause I love Flash. But I’m sticking to my guns, still going Allison.