Too early to make moves? Thoughts

So I took a dreaded Week 1 L – thanks in large part to Drew Brees and James Conner.

Let me preface this by saying I’m not overreacting. All in all my team played well. I feel good about my main WR-RB skill players. However, I feel like I have a lot good pieces that had pretty decent weeks, so the question becomes:

Do I sit on these pieces and take comfort in team depth? Or do I try and capitalize on good Week 1 performances and turn these good pieces into even better pieces?

My starting lineup this week was Stafford (hopeful fluke, also Wentz in waiting) /// Dav. Johnson, Mixon /// D. Adams and M. Thomas /// T. Burton

Flex players K. Drake (started) /// Dion Lewis /// Demaryius Thomas /// T. Coleman all had decent to great games as well.

(Rest of skill players for good measure: E. Engram, M. Breida, K. Cole)

What’s everyone’s opinions? Sit on this roster or try and turn some spare pieces into better ones?

I’d be pretty comfortable with your team and think you probably scored pretty high compared to league mates. Not a fan of Drake. As a burton and Stafford owner also, I think they bounce back.

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Believe it or not I scored the 3rd lowest this week :frowning: but our scoring isn’t the most conventional.

But again, I’m feeling OK for a loss, and I feel comfortable with this team, just wondering if I should flip some of these guys while the iron is hot to make a better team.

You’re probably fine but i benched Stafford in my league. I have rivers and the Ballers said stafford was the better play (liars).so i’m playing rivers every week until he sucks,or stafford catches fire (doubtful). that said if all i had was stafford i’d play him, i doubt he stinks as bad as this week but i’m over him. He’s only not getting cut because there’s no one else i can grab.

I drafted Wentz at a bargain so hoping he comes back soon. I will say this about Stafford – I feel ya on the frustration, of all weeks for him to have one of the worst games of his life… but something I noticed from that game:

As usual, the Lions couldn’t run, which means more passing.

And when Stafford wasn’t throwing it to the Jets, he was slinging it downfield. He still put up almost 300 yards even with turning it over and barely touching the ball in the first quarter.

If he can just throw to his team he should bounce back :crossed_fingers:

Your team seems very comfortable to me too. Stafford will bounce back as he always seems to capture 300 yards and now has baby tron and Johnson to help but that week was rough. I’d consider playing Engram over Burton till Trubisky can prove himself

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I was leaning starting Engram early on but then rode the Burton hype train. I know Engram’s matchup was tough but he didn’t do much more than Burton to convince me. Plus I wouldn’t say Eli is a huge upgrade over Trubisky at the moment. I could see the Bears putting up some big points as they go along.