Too early to tilt on this team?

QB: Goff, Fitz
RB: Drake, DJ, Howard
WR: Kupp, Boyd, Baldwin, Larry Fitz, Corey Davis, Lockett, Dede Westbrook
TE: Gronk

Any recommended moves? I’m 2-1 but have only one because other teams have been bad against me, but a win is a win. Appreciate any help.

Or I guess it would be easier to ask this here, so sorry for the duplicate. Would you trade Lockett for Aaron Jones?

Is Dalton available on the wire?

Sadly, no. I generally stream QB position

Dalton would have been a great play to stream the next several weeks.

Right now I think your team mostly has had bad luck. If you are 2-1 then I would feel pretty good but looking at it there are some things you could do.

I would attempt to trade Drake-Fitz in a package deal for a better WR.

I would consider flipping DJ for another rb and extra piece thrown in to make up for the other 2 for 1 mentioned above.

That would get you out of the Cards offense and the worry of how many touches Drake will get any given week.

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Great. I appreciate the advice!! Thank you! Ill see what I can do!

Owning both DJ and Fitz is probably not ideal. You have 2 pieces of probably one of the worst if not the worst offenses in the league. Maybe Rosen changes it a bit but I doubt it.

And your WR depth is definitely lacking. Baldwin has no good knees so right now your WR1 is basically Kupp.

And then you’re lacking depth at the RB position.

I think you definitely do need to make some moves. Maybe try and acquire someone like Aaron Jones, Kerryon ( will be more expensive now), Lindsay to add some depth. And then doing some 2 for 1s on your WR side.

I do think Davis has potential to turn it around if Mariota can get healthy. He’s dominating in market share (33%+), air yards (65%+) and snaps. Talent is there, opp is there so production should follow.

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Great… thank you! Glad to hear some other peoples takes to see where I should go. I appreciate it!

Fitz-Drake… would you consider like Juice Laundry or try and shoot higher for those two?

Does the Landry owner have a depth RB like Lindsay to throw in and make that a two for two?

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Yeah, he has Lindsay so ill give that a go.

Yeah try that. Worst he can do is say no or counter.

Lol he said no really quick

It was fair offer. Tell him to feel free to counter and move on. What’s his record? You will probably find guys in the bottom half of your league more receptive. Make some targets for similar deals and see what happens.

He’s 0-3 lol ill see if he wants to counter or not

Some guys just don’t want to deal or don’t go on tilt as easily. I’ve got one league local league that is active and live drafts and has a year end meeting and everything but nobody in the league hardly ever trades. If we have 2-3 deals in a season thats a busy year. As a result, everyone holds 2 qb, etc. because they are worried if one of their guys gets hurt they might not have good options on the wire. It’s a tough league to stream in.

Geez. Yeah this is my hometown league and we have alot of fun but there is a disconnect where about half the league is actively looking for trades weekly and the other half wont trade anyone no matter what. Makes it interesting