Too Good? Start Who?

I’m too good! LOL Who do I start in .5 PPR. Choose 4:

Amari Cooper @ Washington
JuJu Smith-Schuster vs. Seattle
Michael Thomas @ Rams
Nick Chubb @ Jets
David Johnson @ Baltimore
Austin Ekeler @ Detroit
Mike Evans @ Carolina (tonight)

If you want good answers, edit your post to include their opponents and home/away. I’m too lazy to look that up and it’s a huge factor.

Done. :wink: Thanks


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My top 3 are MT Chubb JuJu.

I would probably go Ekeler in the last spot, but I don’t love it. I’m afraid BAL will boat race ARI and they’ll be super pass heavy. That’s not really a bad thing for a pass catching back, but the BAL defense is also super stout, and I don’t trust this Kingsburry gimmick until it proves me wrong.

Evans scares me. Thursday games are notoriously low scoring, and he didn’t shine in their new system. He could blow up, but I hate TNF games.

Every time I think Amari Cooper is good, he drops a 2 catch performance on my head and I regret it. I wouldn’t even have him on my team, so I’m probably too biased, but sit him.

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Lol I’m the exact same with Cooper… I picked him up in one league even though he has burned me multiple seasons in a row. He has cost me weeks then been benched only to feast.


Agree with the field, mt juju Chubb and Ekler feel safest but I’m also totally fine with DJ. Gotta remember ekler is always gonna split snaps with Jackson and he’s not going to score 3 tds every week. If you need higher upside (which you probably don’t because your team is pretty solid) then I would throw cooper in there but I hate him too

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