Too good to be true? trading away Lev Bell for Michael Thomas!

So, I just got offered Michael Thomas for Lev Bell and I reeeeally want to accept it, but I thought I should come here first and discuss with you guys because you know better!
Im 1-4, is a 14team standard league with deep bench spots. My team:

QB - Stafford
RB - Kamara, Montgomery, Bell, Moss, Scott, Snell and Royce freeman
WR - Golladay, Chark, Edelman, Higgins, Jeffery, Patrick
TE - Noah Fant and Drew Sample

The rest is IDP but it doesn’t matter for this situation!

Please help me think and make the right move!!

It’s a no brainer dude why on earth is he offering you Thomas for a free agent? Even if Bell finds a new team this week he’s not going to play?

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Press accept before it goes away

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I have NO CLUE lol! Its a very competitive league as well and he is struggling hard at the RB position, maybe thats the reason

Done! Hahaha you know that feeling when the trade seems to good to be true and you start doubting yourself? That exactly what happened to me right now! So I needed to be sure! Thanks man!!

That’s crazy. Got lucky there. I just traded away Kenyan Drake for Bell to take a flyer on seeing where he lands and what he does. I have Jacobs, David Johnson, Gibson and Harris so figured I could spare Drake especially with Edmonds nipping at his heels but a top WR for Bell is great.