Too Many Backs...Too Many Backs

You can’t have too many. I drafted 7 in the first 9 rounds. Now it’s time to reap the rewards and the harvest is bountiful.

14 Team League. Standard Scoring.

I currently have:
Dalvin Cook
Doug Martin
Derrick Henry
Jonathan Stewart
Mark Ingram
Chris Carson
Jeremy Hill

Currently talking shop with a guy interested in my backs. I’ve been streaming TEs (currently have Dickson).

TLDR: should I offer Dalvin Cook for Alshon Jeffrey and Travis Kelce?

well hell yeah if you can get them to bite do that. alshon (so long as he stays healthy) is a high end WR2, and kelce is the number 1 TE by end of year. because lets face it, gronk just inst gronk anymore. cook is a high end RB2, but you have so many options that so long as you play the matchups, you will always have someone who does better than cook.

Sure you have a lot of RBs, but what do you really have if you trade away Cook?

You’re left with:
Doug Martin (out 2 more games)
Derrick Henry (MIGHT be the guy moving forward but Murray will still be involved)
J Stew (TD Dependent)
Ingram (mess of a RBBC)
Carson (looks good, but O-Line issues and Rawls/Lacy garbage hanging around)
Hill (another messy RBBC situation) Mixon will eventually be the guy once Marvin Lewis is let go.

Confident enough in playing matchups with that group? If so, by all means go for it!

Does knowing it’s a 14 team league and that I have Mike Evans and Terrelle Pryor affect your opinion. Appreciate the feed back.

id keep martin, cook and ingram. Package the rest, you can sell high on henry

I wouldn’t do that. RBs are important in fantasy and falcon cook is the only top guy you have right now. Derrick Henry, Chris Carson and Mixon are all somewhat unknowns still. I would wait ntil you have a clear picture on one of them and then pull the trigger. Be patient, that guy will probably still need an RB in 2 weeks and then maybe you can offer him Henry and Carson instead of getting rid of your #1

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my reply was knowing it was a 14 man. those running backs in a 12 man and under are pretty bad, but anything higher than 12 they are solid.