Too Many Keepers! (I can only keep 3)

It may be a good problem to have, but I’m just staring at this keeper list and can’t figure out what direction I want to move. 2 QB PPR league, commish added an superflex OP spot too so I can actually start 3 QBs but that’s neither here nor there… here are the guys I’d consider keeping…

Goff (round 19)
Cousins (round 8)
McKinnon (Undrafted)
Collins (Undrafted)
Michael Thomas (round 12)
Robert Woods (round 16)
Evan Engram (round 21)


I had someone offer me Hunt in the 4th for Engram and McKinnon… now before you crucify me, I’m starting to buy into the narrative that McKinnon may not be the high efficiency workhorse we’re hoping he is. On the other hand, I know what Hunt is…

So at this point I’m thinking about Hunt, Thomas, Goff


Thomas for sure
Mckinnon i think is worth the gamble even if it lands on a round 4

then since you can start 3 QBs basically
I’d do goff in the 19th as my 3rd keeper.
As that lets you know you have a startable QB and you can draft QBs accordingly and not reach since you have atleast 1 QB locked up in a round that you will be taking a junk player anyway.

Thats my take.

I just threw a wrench in the gears and traded McKinnon… lol!

Haha. No worries. Yeah make Hunt your 3rd with Thomas and Goff as your others. I think that is a solid start.

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The hard part is that even with the 3 QB garbage (which drives me insane might I add), I feel there’s value in pulling for Collins… with the RB depth being what it is, and expecting a good chunk of the top 25 backs to be kept, I may be willing to swing early at a QB like Wilson and pair him with two mid/late round guys like Luck and Tyrod Taylor…

I would do McKinnon, Thomas and Collins personally. Collins is free, McKinnon is free and Thomas might as well be free. Pretty easy in my book

I actually traded McKinnon + Engram for Hunt last night… Hunt is in a much earlier round but all things being equal I think Hunt is the superior RB, and I’m not 100% convinced that McKinnon is going to be guaranteed the snap count that we all expected when he signed in San Fran. I may regret it if he proves me wrong, but I feel good about Hunt/Thomas/Collins (or Goff if I decide to fill one of my QB spots via a keeper).

Hands down - Cousins, Mckinnon and Thomas.

hmmm you’re the first that’s said Cousins… you think his value in the 8th is appreciably better than Goff in the 19th?

In a 2 QB league (4pt) I think so. I don’t see Goff repeating his year last year. Cousins has a great schedule and some great weapons this year.