Too many meh TEs

I started the year with Engram as my only TE. I saw someone dropped Olsen so I picked him up to stash on my IR then Engram got hurt and Njoku happened to be available. Now all seem to be back soon and I have all 3 on my roster. I’d like to keep 2. Who should I try to deal and who should I target at wr or rb?

it’s doubtful you can trade any TE’s given how inconsistent they are. I’m similar though. I was about to snag Njoku (but i have jarvis and hyde) and now Engram is back so i’m just trying engram. TE is trash!

Or I could just drop one in favor of one of Clement/Smallwood. Would need to burn a #2 priority.

Eagles are inquiring about shady so i wouldn’t waste time on an eagles RB. They’ve also inquired about DJ. Seems they don’t love any of their RBs lol