Too many options for FLEX...need help

I’m starting Sanders and Montgomery as my RBs, Dhop and Chark as my WRs.

Leftover I have Gallup, Boyd, Darrell Henderson and David Johnson.

I’m leaning between Boyd and Henderson… What do yall think?

I wouldnt trust Henderson. Im not sure why you wouldnt want to start Johnson. Fuller is out and he will probably get vacated targets unless hes hurt.

have you watched Johnson play? lol. The Pittsburgh defense is also no joke

Oh he’s playing the Steelers. Boyd it is then!

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While I agree, Pit D is tough, they just gave up 70 rush yds and a rec TD to Gordon on pretty weak, injury riddled Denver team.

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Yeah I know, but Houston may be without Fuller and Watson already looks like a chicken running around with his head cut off as it is. Johnson did not look good last week either, even though it was against Baltimore, I still feel it’s hard to trust him.

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