Too many players on same team?

How many players is too many to have on the same team? Looking to pick up a WR and Agholor is the top FA. BUT I also have Wentz, Jeffery, Ertz, and PHI def…feels risky to be putting all my eggs in the one basket. Could try for Ginn Jr or Stills instead.
Standard scoring.

Ye your e betting against yourself every time Philly play if you pick up agholor. A td is scored for Philly and your losing 2 in 3 of the times.

Tbh I think you already have too much so adding to that would be far in excess

I would try and trade Alshon ALL DAY to a eagles/Alshon Fan. IMO it goes Ertz, Agholor then Alshon. Get some RB depth for Alshon.