Too many players out: Edelman for Stills? Aaron Jones in the wire


10 teams, 1.0 PPR. 1 Flex + 1 Superflex. 6 players on the bench

I’m rostering 3 QBs for the Superflex spot because Wentz is down. My WR1 is Doug Baldwin and I also have Julian Edelman in the bench. Fournette is my RB1. My roster:

QB: Rivers, Wentz, Bradford
RB: Fournette, Gordon, Lynch, Breida
WR: Baldwin, Robinson, Tate, Watkins, Cole, Edelman
TE: Gronk

The wire is quite loaded, I won’t skip a beat at replacing Bradford for any good pickup, but I’m mostly wondering if it is worth to keep Edelman and Cole.

Players in the wire:

RB: Ty Monty, Bilal Powell, TJ Yeldon, Aaron Jones, CJA, Jordan Wilkins, Nick Chubb
WR: Stills, DeSean Jackson, Kenny G, Gallup, Hurns, Godwin, Ross.

I’m pondering if I shouldn’t swap Cole and Edelman for Stills and Aaron Jones or Yeldon

Cole for Stills, Edelman will be a beast i n PPR when he comes back

I’ll drop Bradford for Stills right now and see what happens with Wentz and Fournette until the next game. At worst I drop Cole for another QB.

that works too. Theres always Gems on the waivers every week. Lol

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What about the RBs? Any opinion on them?

TJ yeldon would be good if Fournette is out, i also like Bilal Powll, he will get good touches in the Red Zone. I would also say Aaron Jones when hes back. For who to drop i would drop breida

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