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Too many players out: Edelman for Stills? Aaron Jones in the wire



10 teams, 1.0 PPR. 1 Flex + 1 Superflex. 6 players on the bench

I’m rostering 3 QBs for the Superflex spot because Wentz is down. My WR1 is Doug Baldwin and I also have Julian Edelman in the bench. Fournette is my RB1. My roster:

QB: Rivers, Wentz, Bradford
RB: Fournette, Gordon, Lynch, Breida
WR: Baldwin, Robinson, Tate, Watkins, Cole, Edelman
TE: Gronk

The wire is quite loaded, I won’t skip a beat at replacing Bradford for any good pickup, but I’m mostly wondering if it is worth to keep Edelman and Cole.

Players in the wire:

RB: Ty Monty, Bilal Powell, TJ Yeldon, Aaron Jones, CJA, Jordan Wilkins, Nick Chubb
WR: Stills, DeSean Jackson, Kenny G, Gallup, Hurns, Godwin, Ross.

I’m pondering if I shouldn’t swap Cole and Edelman for Stills and Aaron Jones or Yeldon


Cole for Stills, Edelman will be a beast i n PPR when he comes back


I’ll drop Bradford for Stills right now and see what happens with Wentz and Fournette until the next game. At worst I drop Cole for another QB.


that works too. Theres always Gems on the waivers every week. Lol


What about the RBs? Any opinion on them?


TJ yeldon would be good if Fournette is out, i also like Bilal Powll, he will get good touches in the Red Zone. I would also say Aaron Jones when hes back. For who to drop i would drop breida