Too many Rams a bad thing?

Is too many Rams players a bad thing?

I have Gurley… But can trade for cooks and Goff. Does this put me at a disadvantage… Should I do it?

I would be trading away Josh Gordon and Chubb. Which would leave me with Gurley, Kamara, and Kerryon as my only RBs. My current QB is Dalton.

The biggest issue I would have with this is your depth issues.

The Rams go on Bye week 12. If you are prepared and have enough to plug in week 12 then go for it!

They’re scoring on all fronts right now so that’s a stack that will bring you in points–but keep in mind any bad game and you’re going to lose your week.
E.g. the guy in one of my leagues who stacked Dalton + Boyd + Mixon last week.

If the rams remain undefeated they will lock thier playoff spot by week 16 and They’ve been known to bench their starters in that situation.

So if you have a real shot at the championship you man be in a bad spot come week 16…just something to keep in mind.