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Too many RB's Need trade advice


Okay so it’s a 10 person Standard league with no Flex. My team is:

QB: Mariota, Siemian
RB: McCoy, CJ Anderson, Murray, Cohen, Gillislee, D. Martin
WR: D. Thomas, K. Allen, D. Parker, A. Cooper
TE: Clay
K and Defense

I grabbed some RB for the knowing that my opponents would probably take WR. I’m good with this grif Cooper turns it around, because all my WR and most of my team have separate bye weeks. I thought about targeting Evans. I know it depends on need, but my opponent is strong on WR. Thanks #footclan. I reached with this one but should be able to work it


what would you package together to get evans?


I sent a proposal for Murray to get Evans. If I have to give a package deal I’ll spice it with a WR


Yea that’s not going to get Evans, or it shouldn’t anyways. You’ll have to throw another WR2 ro get him


Yeah I know. Seeing what I can do