Too many RBs trade help

I know what you’re thinking how can you have too many running backs? Well I am about to show you.
My RB’s
Kareem Hunt
Ezekiel Elliott
Darren McFadden
Alfred Morris
David Johnson (IR Spot)
Adrian Peterson
Jerick McKinnon

My WR’s are
Michael Thomas
Davante Adams
Larry Fitzgerald

I want to package Adams and either Peterson or Mckinnon to get a better WR, who should I trade and what level WR should I be looking at acquiring?

Thanks for the help!

After AP’s insane start I think you can sell him pretty high. I’d look to move Adams and him for a top 12 guy if you can pull it off. I’d hold Mckinnon, he’s looking great but if he lands you a stud WR I wouldn’t be opposed to moving him either. Would definitely try to move AP first though if you get any takers.

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I’d rather package Peterson away than McKinnon. I witnessed a trade today, Peterson and Snead for A.J. Green. That’s an idea, but the other owner was in need of RB help. I wouldn’t of went for that myself, but Peterson and Adams? That may work.

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That’s funny I was actually thinking of trading for A.J. Green as well because the owner is 0-5 and could definitely use help at running back. Thanks for the input!

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Peterson is probably the right way to go, now I just have to get a top 12 WR for him!