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Too many RBs. Trade or keep?


Hey footclan! I have a few RB core, but my WR group could use some help. Should I try and trade one of my RBs for a WR? Which RB should I trade, and who should I target?

8 team, half PPR with 3 WR slots. here’s my roster:

RB: McCoy, Hunt, Gurley, Abdullah, Mixon and Carson

WR: Jordy, Demaryius, Pryor, JJ Nelson, Garcon and Benjamin


Package Abdullah and Mixon for a top wr and see what you get. Somebody has to be desperate for a rb.


Funny you mention that. The DJ/Woodhead owner needs a RB desperately. He has Thomas, Parker, Diggs, Hopkins, Bryant and Crabtree


Boom! That’s the person to hit up. I’d be happy with any of those players.


Agreed. He did offer me McCoy for Michael Thomas… Though I’m not sure I’m willing to trade one of my big 3 RBs. I’d prefer to trade Carson or Abdullah, though I doubt he’d take either one for his receivers.


I’d send Parker for sure if I was in that rb situation.


Trade away Carson to receiveParker? Gotta love that garbage time TD!


I would. Or Abdullah or mixon. That’s just what I would do.