Too Many RBs!

I currently have Freeman, Crowell, Hunt, Doug Martin, and a newly freed Zeke. I can however only start two of them any given week. My WRs are K. Allen, TY Hilton, D. Adams, B. Marshall, and T. Pryor. Should I package an RB or two and go after a better WR? Or should I just sit tight?

Roster configuration is as follows:

You should look to upgrade WRs with your excess RBs. You would probably get the most for Hunt since he is very hot right now. Zeke and freeman coukd be backed up by Crowell since martin is suspended for three games.

I agree with Gary, bench points dont count.

I was offered Cooper for Hunt but idk that I like Cooper all that much. I feel like Crabtree is going to eat into his production.

I think Cooper will be really good this year, but you should be able to get more for Hunt at this point. Maybe counter with Crowell? The hype on him this off season has gone way too far. I think he’s your RB5 when Martin is back. If he balks at that, throw out some of the Crabtree/redzone usage stats to highlight that Cooper represents some risk. If he’s still not buying, I’d add Marshall to the package and ask him to add a depth piece of slightly less value (or slightly less perceived value) to sweeten it just a bit.

He also owns McFadden who holds a non zero amount of value to me as the Zeke owner so that’s something to consider as well. I feel like eventually Hunt will transform into a pumpkin and the value he has will evaporate as soon as he has a bad week. If I’m moving him it has to be before week 2.

Another tempting move is to trade Zeke away. There’s still a chance that his suspension takes effect later this season.

I think Hunt is quite valuable, even considering that this week was certainly the exception, not the rule. I’d much rather have him than Crowell. I’m not at all opposed to selling high, but would want more than Cooper. I think you can get $1.25 on the dollar, and Cooper feels like a 1 for 1 at best. McFadden might be a good secondary piece to make that trade work.