Too many solid WR to choose

Half ppr need 2 wr and a flex for championship

Cooper (v@Phi)
Lockett (vAri)
Sutton (vDet)
Aj Brown (vNO)
Perriman (vHou)

other flex consideration - Mostert (vLAR)

They all have matchups with bottom end secondaries. I feel like a case for any combo of these could be made. Any thoughts are super appreciated

Worth noting I have a projection to win by 14 so I dont really need to be swinging for the fences just solid floors

Bump… You dont have to feel confident just anything to help sort this out please!

Cooper and Lockett as your 2 WR. Probably go AJ Brown at flex.


Ahh glad your always around @sdatkins youve been a great help! Im nervous that he wont be able to keep up the pace that has skyrocketed him up you think it becomes a shootout with NO kinda nervous NO just blows them out

Even if NO blows them out that means Tennessee has to try to play catch up and throw. I think there will be guaranteed volume that we aren’t sure Sutton or Perriman will get. Perriman is intriguing, but I trust AJ Brown’s consistency that he’s shown the last half of the season a lot more.

True if they get way behind it does lean towards throwing it to him as the #1 Wr on the team. The Perriman was more of a move to keep him away from playing against me. My opponent could use a boom/bust high ceiling wr.

Sutton still had 10 targets and played a really good secondary in snow. Watching my lions get carved up by every team through the air makes him seem like he should be a smash play too.

I see AJ and Sutton pretty even with AJ is the bigger play guy but Sutton is the higher volume guy. You agree or think theres more separation between them?

I just trust Tannehill a lot more than Lock. Lock had a good game two weeks ago, but the other 2 weeks hasn’t looked like anything special. So I would rather have the WR of Tannehill than Lock. Talent wise I like Sutton more, but because of the QB I’d go Brown.

Does it change any thoughts that Im starting Tannehill and Derrick Henry

I know Henry has been a stud this year, but I personally would be a little leery of him this week. I understand you probably don’t have a better option, but it seems like the Hamstring is an issue and the Saints defense is pretty solid against the run.

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the only other option would be to put mostert in over him and flex a 3rd wr but the drop off between henry and mostert seems pretty damn significant.

Also starting to worry more about Cooper with this news of Dak not at 100%