Too many start options…again

Coming down to the the last few starter spots again and possibly over thinking it as usual.
0.5 PPR Redraft

QB: Lamar
RB1: Mixon
RB2: A. Jones
WR1: Deebo
WR2: CeeDee
TE: Kelce
Flex: Montgomery
Flex: Antonio Brown

Tua (drop candidate for Huntley if Lamar is a no go)
Ronald Jones
Miles Sanders

I am still deciding between flexing AB or RoJo.

My brain also has a cray cray idea of sitting Mixon (BAL has been tough on RBs all year) for RoJo.

I am starting to over-think it. Any thoughts from an outside source, if available, will be much appreciated. Thank you.

I’d play it like you have it. Brown is going to be a target machine with ir with out Evans back. Dude was a stud before getting hurt and suspended.
As for benching Mixon, id play the guys that got you here. I could live with playing Mixon and he did not produce, I couldn’t deal with benching him and he goes off.
Go with your gut but my opinion is you play your studs period.

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