Too Many startable RBs this week

10-Team Half-PPR

Too many startable RBs to choose from this week.

Current roster:
QB- Lamar
RB1- Mixon
RB2- Mattison
WR1- Lamb
WR2- Pitty City
TE- Kelce
Flex 1-
Flex 2-
Bench: A. jones bye, Deebo out, Higgins (meh)

Need to choose 2 from Mitchell (getting that work and playing SEA), Sanders (Howard out/Scott trending to be out and playing NYJ), Jamaal Williams (finna get a load and playing MIN), and Mongomery (gets that work but play ARI).

I am leaning Mitchell and Sanders right now just because NYJ and SEA are the top two worst defenses against RBs.

Thoughts and thanks as always Footclan!

I definitely want to start Mitchell. I think he’s the more obvious candidate of your options.

Next I kinda lean Williams just by how much receiving work they’ve been getting and he’s not in a scary matchup.

Sanders it’s good that he’s trending to play but I still have doubts. But if hurts is hobbled and not rushing or out then I may regret this advise.

Montgomery I think is comfort you know he’s probably not gonna bust probably won’t excite you that much but you can almost rely on a concrete floor.

So for me the decision is really last spot of Williams Sanders or Montgomery and I think I’d narrow it down to really Williams or Sanders this week.

Yeah, J Willy and Sanders were in contention for my last spot.

I saw Scott has an illness and may not play this week (Howard already ruled out). I think if Scott doesnt play and with Hurts still being bothered by his ankle, Sanders will be in my last spot as the Jets are just :poop: against the run giving up 20+ fantasy points to RBs this year.

That’s how I feel about my WR to many to start that will all go nuts

Hurts is out, Minshew is in, and Scott is a game time decision.

Do I play Sanders over J Willy? Williams is game script proof as he catches passes too. Sanders will see a workload with Minshew in and Scott possibly out.

I think its aligned for Sanders now. If you can’t play him in this situation then you never can.

The Hurts out situation has damaged my week. I brought in Taysom Hill as insurance and w14 cover and felt all signs pointed to Hurts going so left Hill on bench for next week. Now I’m searching for a best bad choice to fill in. Leaning going Matt Ryan and hoping he just chucks it. Heinicke, Tua, Jimmy GQ, Bridgewater, Tyrod and Minshew look to be my options.

Dang, sorry to hear that @Mr_Wind-up_Bird.

If Tua is still available, I would stream him this week. He plays NYG and it looks like he will be getting Parker back this week as well.

MIA run game is basically m.i.a, so Tua should be a fine stream this week.

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I’ve decided to take your advice on Tua.

Also PPR Jamaal sits for Hopkins. Was leaning on sitting Hopkins a week to assess but now I feel I should reach for upside. They do say start your studs.

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True. I sat Monty and of course he smacks ARI defense around :disappointed_relieved: