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Too Many Startable RBs - Which should I trade?


My dilemma - I have Gurley, Mixon, Kerryon, and Chubb + handcuff Malcolm Brown. We can only start 2 RBs each week (no flex spot). I am 7-3 and pretty much playoff bound. I HATE leaving so many points on my bench each week (Chubb last week, for instance). We start 3 WRs and I have Thielen, Edelman, JuJu, MVS, and Funchess. I am a bit worried about Edelman’s health and the Pats offense, even though he’s been great. I feel like I can get a WR 1/2 for one of my RBs. The question is - Should I just stand pat and not help out a running back-depleted team? If I should pull the trigger, which RB would you trade (leaning Mixon) and what WRs should I target? I’m eyeing Woods, Diggs, and Keenan Allen. Thanks for any help!


For more context, my QB is Mahomes and my tight end is Olsen.