Too many wide receiver to start. Help

I can only start 3.

Michael Thomas
Chris Godwin
Juju Smith-Shuster
Kenny Golladay
Adam Thielen

What do you guys think. Also, this is a dynasty league, would you be trying to trade Thielen with the way the Vikings are moving the offense (run heavy)?

Godwin and Golladay are in for me. Godwin is like the primary read and will get his. PHI is tough on the line, but have let WR run on them (2nd worst against the position)

And I would still go with Thomas. Teddy is a vet and can still sling the ball. He is not Brees accurate, but he can extend the play enough to have Thomas get open.

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Yeah, Thomas is still in
Godwin’s smashing and has good match up
Golladay is on fire and better bet than new-QB for Juju
Thielen a big ? with run-heavy offense and sharing w/Diggs

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