Too many WR studs?

Its a 1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/2Flex 10 team dynasty league

First off the UDK was CLUTCH. my draft grade was second lowest in the league. i wasnt worried. now im 5-0.

I have jordy, julio, AJ, Hilton, sanders, and Amendola… my RBs are Hunt, Montgomery, Ingram and Gore…

I have Luck in my IR slot, and Smith and Stafford on the roster. i have Ertz and Hooper for TE’s

I feel like my team is pretty stacked… should i keep trying to make some moves, or just sit on this roster?


I love it! I was dead least in my draft grade in one of my leagues, but that’s a different story now. I would certainly keep working on improving. You could get away with packaging for another solid RB other than Hunt. Even buy low on a guy like DeMarco Murray.
-Losers are complacent.