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Too Much for Dougie Doug?


I give
Jordan Howard
2018 5th round pick

I get
Doug Martin

My team after the trade:
QB - Jay Cutler
WR - Devante Parker
RB - Lev Bell
RB - Carlos Hyde
TE - Jason Witten
W/R - Doug Martin (once he comes back of course)
BN - Chris Thompson
BN - Jeremy Maclin
BN - Rashard Higgins
BN - James Conner
BN - Matt Breida

I know Howard is the higher drafted RB and all and could bounce back, but I’m so sick of him already and I’m 0-2 so I need to do something. I think Doug Martin will be a beast when he comes back personally and I doubt Howard will help me win these next two weeks. So I can get rid of him early and plan on getting Martin in week 5.


Cream? No cream? ok… no cream.


Jordan Howard’s stock dropped so much so quickly, it’s crazy. Doug was getting drafted 5 rounds after him in late august and now you’re thinking about trading him AND a pick for Doug (not that you’re wrong to do so) With the terrible offense/injuries in Chicago and the emergence of Cohen I wouldn’t blame you for making this trade, but I’m personally going to see what happens when Howard’s shoulder heals. With what all the talent Howard showed last season, I’m still confident he can have a productive role. I’m not giving up.


I know it is such a hard decision. I had a trade offer of Kelce for Howard before week 2 and I passed because I felt the same way you do. I’m starting to regret not taking that trade. Just worried I may regret this one as well. I really want them to get Mitch Trubisky in there because I truly think he is better than Glennon and can help Howard. However, not sure if I can hold on that long. Thanks for the advice.