Too much for Jordan Howard?

Standard 12-team league
I got offered jordan howard and riddick for lamar miller + sanders + ekeler
i will not use riddick, so is basically a 3 for 1 trade.
Howard hasnt been great this season, but i have a solid team and wanted him to improve my line up…
My team rn:
RBs: melvin gordon, ekeler, lynch, lamar miller and alfred morris
WRs: Julio, Thielen, Sanders, Golden Tate and Ted Ginn

I don’t think it is giving too much. Howard in my opinion is the best player in the deal and will out produce Miller and Ekeler (barring Gordon injury) plus you have a solid player in Tate as a third WR

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Makes sense, my fear is gordon being injury prone… I was thinking about counter offering him this:
Jordan Howard + OBJ
Lamar miller, Ekeler, Golden Tate and Emmanuel Sanders

But i dont think he would accept

Yeah don’t think its likely he would accept that

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