Too much for Julio Jones?

10 team ppr,

I have Keenan Allen, Jarvis Landry, Emmanuel Sanders, and Baldwin as my WRs. Have Barkley, J. Howard, Collins, Conner, Ingram, A. Jones as RBs.

Bell owner has Julio Jones, Tyreek Hill, Fuller, and Golloday WRs. Lamar, Bell, and McCoy Rbs.

If I offer Sanders and Conner for Julio Jones, do you think that’s ok? too much? too little?

I’m thinking he get’s Bell’s backup and Sanders that he can use as his WR2?


I would try to get more. If Bell sits through week 10, Conner is worth more than Bell. Try to convince this guy of that.

Also, try to hold on to Sanders if possible . . . I don’t think week 1 was a fluke, he’s Keenum’s #1 target.

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yeah, I really love Sanders, the only thing that makes me feel not that bad is knowing that I would get Julio Jones for him.

So what package would you offer him? or do you think I should just stay put and take advantage of Conners until Bell get’s back?

I own Conner in both of my leagues (one where I own Bell and one where I don’t) and I’m holding him at least a couple more weeks, make the Bell owner a little bit more desperate.

Maybe see if you can get another starting RB in that trade (Conner & one of your lesser receivers for Julio and a RB)