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Too Much For Lev Bell?


Dynasty / Auction draft
10 team PPR
200 startling credits

I have been offered for Lev Bell, who costs 30 credits and will inflate by 10 more in each subsequent year, for the following:
-Michael Thomas costs 6 credits
-Jordan Howard costs 4 credits
-The 1.02 in our rookie draft

Our rookie draft is done snake style and I have the 1.01 1.02 and the 1.09 and no other picks till round 3-5 (we only do 5 rounds). I plan to take Davis in the 1.01

My keepers look like this:
-Marcus Mariota 4 credits
-Matthew Stafford 8 credits
(we change to a super flex next year)
-Dez Bryant 52 credits (i may drop him and try to redraft at a lower cost)
-Brandon Marshall 24 credits
-Doug Baldwin 20 credits
-Michael Thomas costs 6 credits
-Jordan Howard costs 4 credits

So i am not sure if i should just draft Fournette in the 1.02 and build around my young players??? or sell off the young cheep talent and get the “stud” who at his cost could be on my team for 3-4 yrs


so everyone increases by 10 every year? either way im still not doing it. stick with your cheap costs, and your rookie first round ponanza. you will have the opportunity to add fantastic young depth to your roster, along with keeping an up and coming RB in howard. and as an added bonus, you wont have to worry about the injury bug or off the field stuff for bell. hell, and his contract year. too many variables for 2 young, and promising players.

oh, and i drop Dez too. probably marshall as well. hard to tell with him if i would. but that by itself frees up 75+ credits to work with, which can go back into dez or what ever good find you see.