Too much for TE

Need a TE badly. Guy has Waller and Henry.

Wants Adams

I have Adams, Edelman , J Brown, C Kirk, Dede.

Too much?

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Adams for waller seems even to me. especially with williams hurt for who knows how long.

Yikes, I’d definitely say Waller over Henry but that’s a tough call

There is not much on the wire and have tried to trade for Andrews or Hooper but so far no luck.

Went Waller for Adams

He countered my Adams and Singletary for Henry and Montgomery.

Like Singletary upside but should I counter Waller and Montgomery

Bump please

Forgot to mention PPR

Anyone. Thanks

Any advice appreciated.

Honestly I’d walk away.

Adams is too much for those guys.

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This is almost disrespectful lol

Thanks guys.

He just offered Henry and DJ Moore

For Adams and Singletary.

Thoughts ?

Still no. Adams shouldn’t need extras on your side to get Henry. You should be getting Henry plus. He’s taking advantage of a position need to get way more than Henry ought to get him.

It sucks because their is not much on waivers.

He might not as he is targeting Singletary but would you go Henry and D Mont for Adams.

True but sometimes it’s worth overpaying for a TE

Absolutely. But Adams for Henry is more than an over pay in my opinion. It’s outright stealing.

Don’t feel great about it but he offered Henry and D Mont for Adams

Accept or keep looking or stream

I’d still reject. But it’s up to you.

What about Waller for Adams

Tried before and he declined but I thought later might still be too much.