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Too much in offer?


Forgot I placed a trade offer for Julian Edelman while trying to land a WR. I offered Mack, and Demaryius for Edelman… did i shoot myself in the foot in that offer for Edelman? Or does that seem about the right price?

My lineups not including players above
rbs: are Gordon, Chubb, Michel, Kerryon
Wr: Evans, cupp, dez, dj Moore Ridley


It looks better in PPR formats but you overpaid IMO. Edelman’s usage should go back down a bit relative to the last couple weeks when Sony returns, Gronk gets healthy, and Gordon gets better integrated. It’s nothing you can’t recover from though.


Yea I’m in a .5 ppr league so I figured it could pay off with targets. I didn’t really take in consideration of Gordon and his progression when i placed the offer clearly. Hopefully it pays off! I’ve had too many struggle of my WR’s being hurt or not scoring all year