Too much to offer the same person two trades? Is that considered obnoxious? Thoughts?

Hey Footclan! I’m thinking of offering the same team a second trade offer. I initially offered him Jordy, Watson for his AJ Green… but he’s having second thoughts. I was going to give him a second option: Jordy, Gurley for his Freeman, AJ Green.

Should I wait for him to respond to my initial trade before offering a second one? Would that be inappropriate?


8 team, half PPR with 3 WR slots:

QB: Dak and Watson

RB: McCoy, Hunt, Gurley, Abdullah, Kamara

WR: Jordy, Demaryius, Pryor, Baldwin, Parker and Benjamin

I would definitely wait for a response. He might be “baiting” you to see how extensive you’re willing to go. You made the offer, now just see what he’s got to say. Don’t ever over offer at first. You never know, they might bite on the tiniest nibble depending on their frame of thoughts at the time. IDK…just a strategy thought.