Too much to pay for Diggs? 1/2 PPR

Am I over spending? I’d like a true WR1 as my squad is ok, but needs just a little more in the way of a WR… Team construction is below:


Kamara/Ingram/Yeldon/Fournette/Powell/Cohen/D. Washington

Was thinking about an offer I got, which would be Will Fuller plus a 4th round next year for Stefon Diggs and an 8th rounder. This would also be CLUTCH for this weekend as I am really thin and deciding between Keke and Cohen for a Flex… :nauseated_face:

Am I paying too much? Diggs is a great WR and a HUGE upgrade from Fuller but has no where near the consistency of Thielen… Is this reasonable or am I leveraging too much?

BTW: Julio and Mike Evans and Tyreek Hill owner won’t budge and won’t accept ANY draft pick or RB of mine for any of his receivers!

I think replacing Fuller with Diggs is a huge upgrade, especially when you own Keke too (in case Fuller gets hurt…for like the 10th time). I would do this.

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Just pulled the trigger, now have Diggs in my lineup… I did overpay for Fournette, trading away Alshon and a 5th rounder for next year; the Fournette owner was being a total jerk and made me overpay since I had Yeldon and wanted to lock down my RB depth for the season. I gave up picks 4 & 5 for extra 7th and 10 round picks due to trading…

Your roster right now is sick. Nice job. Forget the picks. The two best tandems in the game who can both be #1 standalone value RB’s as well, all on the same team? Haha, that’s a fun situation. That gives you so much flexibility because you are basically 100% assured that you’ll be able to start at least one RB1 from Jax and NO all season. Now you can use other pieces to desperate owners (maybe the Howard owner with Cohen or Crowell with Powell) to get some draft picks back, or upgrade elsewhere. Fuller/Keke combo would be enticing to a WR-starved team too.

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Sorry i’m misreading things lol. You could trade Keke to the Fuller team you just gave him to later in case Fuller starts going downhill or gets hurt again.

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Thanks for the insight and feedback! Appreciate your fair and comprehensive feedback as always! Figure I have some tradable assets, or at worst could drop/trade in a pinch.