Too much to trade for CMC?

Hey footclan, I need some help. I want to trade for CMC, but have no idea if I’m giving up too much.

What I’m trading:
Chris Godwin
Antonio Gibson
Allen Robinson

What I’m getting back:
Tee Higgins

Please let me know if this is a good trade, or if I’m giving up too much. Thank you!

Two questions what is the league scoring? and what is the rest of your roster?

@mitchell2482 6 man - full ppr. This is my team

And this is his team

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Two questions what is the league scoring? and what is the rest of your roster?

6-man - OK, that roster makes more sense then.

In all honesty, I don’t think it’s nearly enough. It’s arguably your RB3/RB4 and a few bench WRs for the best player in fantasy.

If I’m the McCaffrey owner and you’re coming to me with an offer that doesn’t include either Tyreek or Kamara in the package, it’s an auto decline on principle.

If you’re trading for McCaffrey in a league that small, it needs to be an uncomfortable package.

With those rosters, I think the conversation starts with Hill/Ekeler.

@Sppresto It already feel uncomfortable because I love Gibson’s upside, and I believe Godwin has great fantasy upside as well. Maybe I throw in Aaron Jones instead of Gibson?

I offered him Gibson, Alan Robinson, and Jalen hurts before I ask this question, and he said that’s a good package but that would be a third quarterback. So I think I’m onto some thing, but I really don’t know

If he’ll take it, then by all means.

These are upside guys - for sure - but the known commodity that is CMC is on a different stratosphere from the potential ceiling of a Godwin or Gibson.

I’d probably give him his pick between Gibson, Jones or Ekeler to go along with the receivers and hope that he doesn’t try to get a Hill/Mahomes stack from you.

I think he’d be silly to take it, but if you’ve already gauged some interest, no need to save him from himself.

But back to your original question, no - I don’t think it’s even close to being in the “too much” territory.

Good luck!

I agree with sppresto. I would send that first offer off and test the waters, but do not think its enough.

It’s definitely not too much. If he takes it well done. Stay injury free and it’s hard to imagine a cmc, kamara, Aaron Jones, tyreek squad with ekeler and Metcalf on bench isn’t in the running for a championship.