Too much value for Michael Thomas?

Hey Footballers - thanks for your help. 2QB league. 3WR / 0.5ppt. 10 team

I like my team but want to consolidate a few players into an elite WR to give me more ability to play waivers. Specifically, i can grab Pollard on waivers…

TRADE: My DeShawn Watson + Chris Carson + Robby Anderson for his Michael Thomas + Justin Jackson*

QB: DeShawn Watson
QB: Matt Ryan
QB: Lamar Jackson
RB: James Connor
RB: Devonta Freeman
RB: Chris Carson
*RB: Austin Ekeler
WR: Antonio Brown
WR: Chris Godwin
WR: Josh Gordon
WR: Robby Anderson
WR: Melvin Gordon
WR: Sammy Watkins

UPDATE - same trade offer (Watson/Freeman/Anderson) but for Julio Jones and Nick Foles…i think that’s beter

That JJ one is an awful trade. You’re not appropriately valuing your QBs in a start 2 QB league. Especially in a start 2 QB vs SF, you have to start 2 QBs which means if you have 3 QBs, you have ahuge advantage over others in bye week.s