Too Much Value Problem

Had this problem last season. Though I was snagging some real value in Amari Cooper, Golden Tate and Carlos Hyde.

Looked like it was going to work out until they all got traded. Damn near destroyed my team. Luckily, I was able to get Chubb on the waiver along with dart throws in Tyler Boyd and Calvin Ridley. I eventually recovered and probably ended up better in the end but it took a lot of effort picking the right parts out the bargain bin.

Trying to avoid that this season. Cooper, no way I could have known but the other two, they were primed to be traded; older players, on staggering teams where it made sense to start the re-building process in season.

I have not started researching this yet but I have a few players already I want to avoid even if they are bargains.

As a lions fan, I can say there was no foreshadowing of the Tate trade mid-season. I could understand not resigning him at the end of the season. However, they were 3-4 at that time.

Personally I would not put the excpectation on yourself to see the future. Otherwise, why are you playing fantasy football and not buying lottery tickets?

You don’t win your league at the draft.


You bring up a good point though in that Tate’s contract was ripe and that they were not resigning him. They got a 3rd for him. No way to know but age and contract life, I’m looking at that this year. I think it can be mitigated some with those two indicators.

So does this mean you are avoiding:

  • AJ Green
  • Emanual Sanders
  • Jack Doyle
  • Chris Thompson
  • Lamar Miller
  • Philip Rivers
  • Tom Brady

Sure, if I can avoid them but Brady mid season? No way that happens. It would the ultimate slap in the face in the history of the NFL.