Too slim at RB?

I am deciding upon a couple of trades that two other teams may accept, they are currently thinking it over

12 team full ppr

I am looking to trade swift to two RB needy teams.

One trade is Swift and Higgins for Tyreek
2nd trade is Swift for Metcalf

My RBs: Jones, Cook, Swift, Freeman, Scott, Mattison

My Wrs: Golladay, Dionate Johnson, Higgins, Jefferson

If I let go of Swift would be too slim at RB with just Freeman basically as a starter and Scott until sanders comes back

Neither of those are a bad options but Hill for swift and higgins is your better option imo. Antonio Brown could end up in seattle too, which might take away from metcalf.

damn you’re right. I forgot about AB coming back. I would have preferred the Metcalf trade but AB would hurt his play if he does go to Seattle

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