Too Soon to Stash Playoff D?

Hey guys, title says it all.

Do you think it’s too soon to stash a D for the playoff stretch? In my 12 man league, typically the last seed has either 6 or 7 wins, so sitting at 5-2 i’m feeling pretty confident in making a playoff berth.

That being said, what D’s have the most favorable playoff stretch matchups? (Outside of Ravens, as i’m sure the owner isn’t dumb enough to drop them).

Just picked up Patriots playing the bills, but saw Browns D on waivers and was debating sacrificing a bench slot to hold onto a good D.


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You should check out these, help a lot with these types of things:

However I would say yes it’s too early. Come playoffs you should have less competition for streaming and stashing a D is not really a move i make unless im starting them in the next week or two. If anything I’d use these resources to pick a team that has a solid ROS so you dont have to make moves week to week.

I am a bit of a contrarian when it comes to streaming defenses. I feel like my team has enough playmakers and depth to the point where I am rostering 2 defenses and plan on using them ROS. I have the Colts and the Pats. The Patriots always get better as the season goes on, the Colts actually have a very solid defense when healthy. Both have playoff matchups I like.

I am 6-1 as of now, all alone in first, I have a good team with good depth. That is the only reason I am stashing defenses. I missed out on a couple nice pick ups because of doing this as well, but I feel like in the long run this will ultimately benefit my team. I did this a couple of years ago as well but later on. I am a huge fan of stashing defenses if you can clearly see where your team is going. If you are not totally confident I would not recommend stashing. I am also not stashing a defense for a specific week in the playoffs. I have 2 defenses that I am using ROS, not just the playoffs.

This has been such a difficult season for fantasy defenses, anything can happen. Matchups can look very different in just a matter of weeks too. Good luck.