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Too soon to trade away Fournette?


Should I trade him for Sony Michel to the Yeldon owner?
Or should I try to acquire Yeldon for Robert Woods?

Thoughts? What is his value


What is your record?


I am even at 2-2


How many teams make the playoffs?


I just traded him for Ingram.


Wow. Strasight up? You did well.


It’s a 14 team league. 5ppr. 6 team playoffs


What do your WRs and RBs look like?


Fournette, Howard, Lindsay , Penny
AB, Woods, Golladay, Goodwin, Callaway


Woods is 3rd in the order of Rams receivers I want personally( Not saying much though, I want them all) I would be OK to part with him to get Yeldon. When Fournette is healthy I would say he is absolutely better than Michel. Yeldon will be a more than suitable replacement until then.


i’d try trading goodwin callaway and penny - some combo of that - to get yeldon at all costs before giving away Woods for him.


I traded woods for Chris Thompson. Thoughts?