Too Vested in 1 Game

1/2 PPR, I have J. Jackson, D. Williams, and T. Kelce all starting in tonights game.
Is that too much invested in one game. Do i sit Williams? My other RB’s are A. Jone, D. Martin, M. Mack,

How would you proceed?

I’m doing the same thing lol ! I’m starting Jackson Williams and Keenan Allen ! Should be enough to go around ! I hope it is man !

I also have Martin just scared to play him over thease starters on high scoring offence!! Either were all happy or all bummed good luck ‘

I’ve got Tyreek, Williams, Keenan
Playing Mahomes, Gordon (out), Kelce, Chargers D

This is a big game, but you play your best guys, doesn’t matter if they’re in the one game.

I’m rolling with Kelce, Mahomes, Hill and Jackson. How can you not? I’m not a huge fan of Williams though as I think Charcandrick could see some snaps tonight.

Jones against da Bears scares me. Martin v Cincy could pan out.

Hope willams is the touchdown gremlin once again !

Cincy has been sooooooo soft against the run and for whatever reason Martin has become Grudens favorite player and has looked good the past few weeks. I also like Jones even though hes playing the bears. Adams and Jones ARE the GB offense and these division games always pan out in ways you can’t always count on. I like both players over Williams myself as I really think this is a shared KC backfield tonight.

Well. I split the difference. In my playoff league I sat Williams. In the two consolation brackets (lost in first round last week in in both), I played Williams. I am now concerned I don’t have a back between jones, Mack, Martin, and henry that can get me at least half what he put up Thursday night in my league of record. Sigh.