Took down the full 18 week season at triple zeros of regulation last game of season

Full PPR - No Playoff Local League that’s ran 12 years.

Entered weekend up one game but 2nd place team had beat me both times in the year so they had head to head.

My team sucks all day. Damien Harris was my first TD of the day with 4 min left in the late afternoon game, but my opponent’s did too, outside of Russell Gage and Kirk Cousins, I went into the late night game down two with just Herbert left versus their J. Cook/K. Allen.

2nd place team was down 38 going into Sunday night but their opponent had played all their guys and they had Carlson, Waller, Eckler and Renfrow left. These guys also had more pts than me so they were going to win any three way tie that reverted back to points so it was pretty simple., Win and I’m champ, lose and he’s champ.

Being full PPR I needed yards and touchdowns not going to Allen and Cook. For the first half it wasn’t looking good as being two points down grew to 8 or 9 points by half time and when Herbert threw his INT I was down more than 10 and pretty much said to my opponent, that’s it. You’ve got this…

Herbert wasn’t giving up on me though. Somehow he managed to lead that come back to tie with multiple td passes that somehow didn’t find the hands of Cook or Allen. I took the lead at triple zeros of regulation. I was up roughly 5. That was nerve racking. So many 4th downs!!! Any one of those falling incomplete and I’m not champ, any one of those to Cook or Allen and I’m likely not champ.

Now I just had to hold on. I about had a heart attack when Cook hit that big gainer in OT as he was at 80 yards and that would have given him a 100 yard bonus, but a flag brought that back and Allen only managed a short catch after that. I held on for the 'ship.

I had traded James Conner to the 2nd place team and he had traded me Herbert when Russell Wilson went down. Conner had burned me giving him his 2nd win of the year over me on the next to last play of the game in week 14 to give him head to head advantage, but Herbert came back to burn him with the 'ship on the line.

Poetic justice.

Who needs playoffs.

Update: Looks like the 3rd place team came back and won by 3 points so he and 2nd place team will have same record but 3rd place has head to head over 2nd place team going into the weekend so the guy went from a championship with just one incomplete pass on multiple 4th downs in the 4th quarter by the Chargers, to falling all the way to 3rd.

Talk about the thrill of victory and agony of defeat!