Took the lead and lost it on the same play- championship game

Juju catch and fumble. Wouldnt have made the championship without juju, so cant be mad. Thats just how it be sometimes

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brutal. I had the same thing happen a few years ago but I Was the beneficiary. He had AP and the Vikings game went into OT with me up like 2 points. AP had a long carry then fumbled and I won by less than 2.

I’m sorry man. That has to be infuriating. Never had something like that happen championship week, but it’s never good to lose like that or on some sort of garbage time dump off with a couple seconds on the clock.

That is how it be sometimes. Aaron Rodgers 42.9 points in my league championship game didn’t help me. Lol.

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Ouch. One year the guy I was playing in the ship prematurely called to congratulate me on my victory as the final game was winding down. He had Philly D against Cleveland in a a blowout week 16 meaningless game. Rather than kneel out the final seconds, Clevleland dropped back to pass resulting in a sack and a loss of 10 yards or something. The sack was worth 1 pt and the loss of yardage gained him another 2 pts. I was up 2 and ended up losing by 1. He went from congratulating me to loudly cheering as he jumped ahead in the final seconds. So glad I was able to hear it all happen in real time lol.

Shiz happens. I just wish it happened to my opponents more often than it does me. Sorry for the tough loss and there’s not another player as likeable as JuJu. As stupid as it sounds, I bet he feels bad for any fantasy owners who lost because of his fumble. He gets the fantasy community.

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