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Tool for Creating Your Big Board


Hello Footclan,

Brian here, The Commish of the Footclan League: Atlanta Footclan. Over at our league’s site, I created a simple to use tool for messing around and creating your own “Big Board”. Check it out here http://www.atlantafootclan.com/bigboard.html.

If you find any bugs, or have feedback of any kind, I would love to hear it!

Best of luck on your path to #footclantitle


Nice program!


Thanks for the opportunity to check out your BB. I exported it to Excel and it worked well (I have a Mac). Also the ‘Swap’ and ‘Below’ buttons are intuitive and work well. In summary, helpful, customizable, downloadable and easy to use. Like it a lot!


Thanks for the feedback Rob, I am glad you found it of some use/entertainment!


Really useful Brian, thanks!