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Top 200 VS rookie ranking differences


I noticed a slight difference with the UDK top 200 and rookie rankings; Royce Freeman and Derrius Guice specifically. In a dynasty league which ranking should I trust?


Can you clarify what you mean trust? Are you doing a rookie draft?

The guys have admittedly said they don’t like putting together the Top 200. But they do it for the people.

Looking at the 1/2 PPR RB ranks and Cheat Sheet they are back to back. Freeman at 20 and Guice at 21.

Reading between the lines, my guess would be that Guice is a better prospect and therefore ranked higher in the Rookie ranks. However they like Freeman’s situation better for 2018 and ranked him higher in the in other lists.


@fun4willis what’s the reasoning behind the hate for the top 200…?

Is it b/c they think you should do tiers and just pick the players in the positions that you need instead of just going down a top 200 list and choosing the next best player without assessing your roster needs?


I don’t remember exactly. But I think you’re correct.


No, that’s not correct. Tier based drafting is still a best-player available approach. It’s not about what you need at that position. I.e. if you have 1 WR already in tier 1, but it gets back to your pick and you have a choice between a tier WR and a tier 2 or tier 3 RB, you still take the tier 1 WR. So you can still employ a best player available approach when using tiers.

They don’t advocate for top 200 and most don’t because it doesn’t take into account the tiering where you can actually capture the best player available approach.