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Top 5 dynasty RBs


5.Hunt ( debatable)


Why do you think Zeke is that low? He’s only 22 and on a team with a good enough QB to keep the offense relevant for years.

I only ask because a month ago I posted to the forum my thought of trading DJ for Zeke in my dynasty league (PPR) and everyone told me to do it. Unfortunately, the other guy backed out and I never did. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Yes you are right about the age and the offense being better for Zeak.But for me in a PPR Dj catches the ball way more then zeak…Only reason why I have him b4 zeak


I have it as Zeke, Gurley, Bell, DJ, Kamara


Kamara at 5 I like also.but I’m more of a Hunt guy at 5 seeing I have him on my team lol.But why you like Kamara at 5?


Kamara’s workload is bound to increase, he is a better pass catcher, his efficiency is next level and even at half of his efficiency, he’d still be solid. His skill set ages really well and that has to matter a ton in dynasty


Agree with you 100%. Hunt has shown us that he is able to run threw guys, take hits and keep on pushing. To me, Hunt is just harder to bring down


From a Dynasty perspective DJ is valued too high.
If we are talking redraft, I would agree with this list.
But Dynasty, I would go:
1- Zeke
2 - Gurley
3 - Bell
4 - Kamara
5 - DJ
6 - Hunt
7 - Cook
8 - Barkley
9 - Fournette
10 - Freeman


We will just have to disagree on this one.
In your top 10 i don’t see Jordan Howard or Melvin Gordon. They would both be in my top 10


Who would you replace them for?
I was on the fence between Howard and Freeman, but to me Freeman has the catching upside.
As a side note, I’m not a big fan of Gordon, but he would be next on the list,


I would take out freeman and move Gordon in there .you right about Howard if he could catch he would be top 10 .We saw this with Alfred Morris before also


Yeah, I think we are on the same page there.
I think I just don’t like Gordon cause he messed me up in fantasy one too many times :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha i won my league this year with Gordon ,Howard,hunt
That’s why i put up a fight for them lol


My only disagreement is Cook and Barkley. I think Cook nasty and totally has that potential but I can’t put him that high till we see more of him. And with Barkley, obviously I’m not going to rate a rookie without a team yet if I am hesitant to put Cook in my top 10


Lev Bell probably shouldn’t be on this list of “Top 5”, too old for Dynasty RB imo, not many guys over his age still out there at high level save for Shady??

I like Hunt, Zeke, Gurley, Mixon, Cook


At 26?? Same age as DJ too? I feel like in Age v production, you’re over valuing age when it should be an even mix of both.


And future Production over multiple years, Bells Production this year will still be high, every year after I’d wager the other guys on the list will be better.

I guess the easiest way to think of it is would you trade Bell for Player…
If you would move him up if no move him down.

The fantasy RB top 10 the last few years especially has been dominated by players under 25!


I agree with you a Lil on bell.But you play to win and if you take bell in a dynasty draft you could win with him for the next 4 years


Also your top 5 was very interesting


Probaly not going to be a popular opinion, but Bell isn’t in my top 5. I think it may be time to sell. He’s had an absurd workload for years and I’m worried it’s going to catch up to him quickly. He very well could be great again this year, but then he’ll be another year older with another year’s beating on his body, and probably on a different team. If rather sell a year early than a year late.

The fact that there are all of a sudden a solid group of good young RBs makes this an easier call than it might have been otherwise.