Top defenses for playoffs

Just curious what DST is a must grab for the playoffs? I originally had the eagles but after week 5 I started bouncing team to team based on matchups. Currently have the patriots and Denver but want a for sure defense during the playoffs. Who is a must grab team that people don’t already have or over looking?

DEN and NE would be my first choices. They weren’t available so I have LAC going into the playoffs then TEN for weeks 14-16 (JAX, NYG, WAS).

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Week 15: DET vs BUF
Week 16: NE vs BUF


Speaking of defenses, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about defenses. Does it make sense to hold on to a defense that’s on a winning team? A super bowl potential team? Let’s see some of the favorites:

New Orleans
Houston(honorable mention I suppose)
Dallas(same as above)

All of these teams have great/decent offenses and I feel the ones that make it to the end have the better defense.

I know the Saints defense weren’t great in the beginning of the season but now are starting to click. Same with Pittsburgh. Houston has gotten it together lately. I have Saints Defense stashed in one my leagues and Patriots in another.

Just thinking…possibly overthinking.

I’m playing the Viks v Mia week 15 over Det v Buff. Plans are:

Week 14 Pats v Mia
Week 15 Viks v Mia
Week 16 Pats v Buff

I actually think I’m trying to grab the Saints DST for start of playoffs.

Next two weeks, Cowboys, Bucs.

That and they are one of the only decent DSTs on waivers. I forgot to put a claim on TEN DST yesterday after someone dropped them because I was too busy sleeping lol.

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I’m running with the Vikes/Pats through the playoffs…I’m in first right now and if I hold that spot I’ll have a bye. It’ll be Vikes week 15 and then Pats for week 16 (hopefully for the championship)

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We’re on the same page


I dunno about you guys but in my league, scoring defences get more points than teams that don’t give up a lot of points.
So the Rams last Monday scored big because they had 2 defensive TDs, even though they let in 50 points.
I have the Bears all season and they’ve been great for me.
Have stashed the Broncos for week 16 also. Von and Chubb causing chaos!