Top DEFs For Playoffs

Hey All,

I’ve probably missed this in the podcast, but what are the top streaming defenses for the playoffs. I’ve locked in playoff spots in 2 leagues, and now want to build a stack going into the playoffs.

In one league I have Baltimore & New Orleans, and in the other I have Cleveland and Philly. I’m really nervous about my Baltimore & New Orleans league.

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Congrats on making the playoffs! I think you are in OK shape: BAL, PHI and NO are all projected in my model to be top-10 DSTs Weeks 14-16 (just be sure to avoid Philly’s DST Week 16). But you may still want to pivot depending on what options are available and how their matchups compliment your main DSTs. Fortunately, that is where my models excel, and I have included the model for DSTs below to help you map out your strategy. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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