Top Five Mock Draft

Don’t know how to explain it in the title, but I did a MD where I picked a RB, WR, QB, TE and a DST in my first five picks. My goal was to get the best available at the position and at least have a core group of studs for each, then to build upon it with RBs and WRs. My picks in order were Kamara, D. Adams, Rodgers, Engram and the Jags. Has anyone flirted with this drafting philosophy before and is it a viable option? I can list my other picks if it would help determine the validity of my draft.

I do not believe this is a viable strategy. Your RB and WR depth will be very bad. I don’t like taking a QB of TE that high, and certainly not both. Also, I do not consider Engram anywhere near a stud.

Yeah, I know it goes against conventional standards like no other, but it was just something new I had never tried before. The next guys I drafted in order were Mack, Fuller, Booker, Kupp, K. Johnson, Goodwin, Hyde, Amendola, Richardson and the Kicker. You are very likely correct, my depth might not be very good, but again it was only a MD so “no autopsy, no foul” as the great Seattle SuperSonics announcer Kevin Calabro was so fond of saying.

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Yep, it’s worth playing with.

Also, the guys have Engram as a consensus 5, so he is at the top of the second tier for sure. Maybe it would have looked better if I garnered Ertz, Olson, Kelce or Gronk at TE. I possibly could have switched the picks around (TE then QB), who knows Rodgers could have still been there, but thinking of how many points I want as an average at each position (QB 20, RB 20, WR 10-15, TE 7-10 & DST 5-10) it at least gives me around 75 points with four other positions (FLEX, RB, WR AND K) to get at least 30-40 points if I apply my line-up correctly fingers crossed. I usually figure in a lot of leagues if you can score 100-120 points consistently you can go far in your league. I always think of how many points on average I can get per game. That being said, does anyone have a guess on what the average weekly fantasy score is for non-PPR standard 10 or 12 format leagues with a QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, FLEX, DST & K? I know using any philosophy in drafting, the best laid plans can go awry. Just musing…