Top pick in 2018 redraft

Who’s your #1 pick for 2018? Half PPR

It’s got to be Gurley or Bell.

But there are also question marks. Todd Gurley’s crazy amount of TDs and expected regression. Bell’s contract and team situation. That insane amount of touches has to catch up sooner or later, right?

You could go Zeke if you like safety. He’s match-up, QB & Line-proof. But also lower ceiling compared to the other two cause of lacking consistent involvement in the pass.

The last two leagues I was in started 3 WRs, 2 RBs and a flex so if that’s the trend it raises the value of WRs so I would think Antonio Brown might be #1 if Big Ben is back and maybe Deandre Hopkins if he’s not.

I am on board with Bell being the Number #1 pick and a very close 1b or 2 in Gurley. Bell to me is the definition of consistency. Gurley struggled last year, I do understand that it was a different team, But currently, Gurley is an every other year player until he can put back to back season together. Where Bell is an every year player. You can not go wrong with either of them. I would definitely not be upset getting Gurley.

Well you can’t forget about Jarvis Landry having the most receptions this year!!
Crazy how that’s true though.

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As it stands now, I’m leaning Bell. But there’s so much up in the air with contracts, coaching, and QB changes; DJ, Gurley, AB, and OBJ would all be in the mix as well, but not necessarily in that order.

Bell, Gurley, Zeek then DJ (assuming all stays the same in Pittsburg)

If Ben retires I’d move bell down behind Gurley and Zeek

It probably would still be Bell but I really think David Johnson is going to want to come on strong with missing this year.

At this very moment, considering all the MANY question marks still remaining, it would be a toss-up between Ezekiel Elliott and Alvin Kamara for me.

We don’t know what David Johnson will look like coming back from injury and w/out Carson Palmer (and possibly Larry Fitz) by his side.

We don’t know if the Steelers will get a new contract done for Le’Veon Bell. And we don’t know if Big Ben will be around to force-feed Antonio Brown.

We don’t know if Gurley can avoid what seems to be an inevitable regression in the TD department.

We don’t know why Nuk was able to look so QB-proof this year, but struggled so much last year. We don’t know if this season was an aberration.

Here’s what we DO know. Zeke still finished as the RB12 in PPR leagues despite missing 6 games. He’s the heartbeat of that team and, barring an injury, will continue getting a crazy workload behind a great O-line. And we know Kamara, despite struggling to get on the field early in the season, finished RB3. Sean Payton loves his running backs, and there’s no chance he takes the ball away from Kamara next season.

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Gurley. In every type of points format.

Too early to say for sure. Too many changes can happen with FA, draft, and retirements. Today, I’d flip a coin between Gurley and Zeke, as it looks like they currently have the most stable situations.

For safety, zeke. Getting a locked in top 10 player, no questions about it. If you want some more baby potential, it’s gurley. Gurley is expecting a regression, but if he doesnt… holy cow. WR is more of a crap shoot now. Which is so weird cause the last 3 years, it’s been the most locked and loaded safe first pick. Brown, OBJ, or Julio. Now brown and OBJ are question marks, and Julio jone s is consistent, but because he just gets no looks in the red zone he is very much dependent on high catch games. It’s almost officially the year of the RB.